Shop a little smarter and surprise yourself. Molecule for molecule, LivingStone™ is identical to other leading brands of 100% acrylic solid surface. But there is a difference. We work smarter. So you get a high-performance surface at a price other leading brands can’t match. Isn’t that a nice surprise?

We do our homework so you don’t have to. We research the market to find the solid-surface colors that are best-sellers. And those are the only colors we manufacture and stock. We call it the LivingStone™ Smart Palette.™ With only best-sellers to choose from, it’s easy to choose a color with confidence.

Take the stress out of choosing a color.  Every 100% acrylic color of LivingStone™ is a best-seller. So any color you choose from our Smart Palette™ is sure to enhance the appeal and resale value of your property. And odds are that your family, friends and future prospective buyers will love the color you choose as much as you do.

High performance never goes out of style. A counter top is the hub of a home. It’s where the family and friends just naturally gather. So it makes sense to choose a surface that’s easy on the eyes, feels warm and welcoming and is tough enough to handle the abuse of everyday living.

That’s LivingStone.™ Made for living.